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And yes a new article, here is Lumes a video-projector doubled by an 360° speaker. You can use it as well as speaker, video-projector of more the bottom of Lumes (detachable of the part superior) will allow you to reload all your devices of every types, all this with a featherweight (370 grams) and a size which will allow you to take Lumes everywhere with you!

Specification 1Specification 2

Of the highly-rated of its specifications Lumes integrate an toolkit of components which will allow you to view 4K videos with a projection from 55 centimeters to 406 centimeters diagonally in native resolution 1280×720 (HD).

Screen sizeOnly? Naturally, not he proposes the 3D technology, the dumping picture in the meeting. Lumes has a graphics board, a processor, RAM and an integrated storage. What allows to browse the Internet, to play video games…Arbre des technologies embarqué Lumes is compatible with all your products such as your smartphone, your computer or still your games console… :

Compatible product with Lumes

If you have a smartphone ios or android it will be very simple for you to use the mirror technology  (reproduction of your smartphone or tablet screen directly on the thrown screen) and so to take advantage of your video, article, Facebook …, with the confort of a big screen.

Mobile App for Lumes

You have a tilted wall no problem Lumes suggests you setting the projection horizontally and vertically. And allows you to personalize the projection to correspond at the most, to your environment.

GIF: Adjustment horizontal and vertical of the videoprojector

After your purchase Lumes will be delivered to you with an including complete kit: Lumes, a tripod, a remote control, all which you will need to look at your favorite series and why not play at Mario Kart.

Contents of packaging

A simplicity of use combined with power and autonomy which marks a new air in the world of the video-projector.Autonomy

Now to you to play !

Started imageI would have the opportunity to test Lumes very soon.

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