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Hello, today I propose you an article on an intelligent watch, Mim X of Swedish conception. First of all what an intelligent watch, let us take the example of our watch Mim X, a connected watch allows you via a connection to your smartphone to give yourself multiple information such as your messages, the weather report or still your heart rate…

Liste 2 des fonctionnalités de la montre The watch Mim X joins within the framework of follow-ups of activities with statements of information about the carrier as the heart rate, the number of steps or another follow-up of sleep (detection of movements to determine the quality of the sleep). Of course to accompany you everywhere Mim X is waterproof.

Mim X propose besides the features very important as the display an hour, (logic for a watch) however she has a compatible double display zone. That is you can have for example the French time as well as the New York hour.

Mim X can also help you to take your remote photos, indeed the watch works as an external button, press it clearly on the side button and it will take the photo on your smartphone. As on the example below.


To satisfy us even more Mim X works with a mobile application available on Ios and on Androïd who will allow you to visualize your information and to see all which is parameter of the watch, the notifications…

Image présentation de l'application Mim X

Not to change previous articles here is some photos of the conception and the design of Mim X.

The Mim Watches company proposes us 3 different models of Mim X with two under choices, color frames grey/black money or color:


The difference between the various ranges is purely esthetic and on no account Mim X modern is more successful.

Some photos to admire the design and the various frames and the bracelets.

Active Model:

Classic Model:

Modern Model:

They are beautiful is not this step? Let us see seeing how this beautiful watch will be delivered to you and with what.

You will receive with your purchase your watch with its base of magnetic refill which reloads via two small visible connectors on the image above.

During your purchase on Kickstarter you have the possibility of adding to your order a real leather case for approximately 2 €.

Attention it does not stay more than 7 days before the end of the project on Kickstarter and thus more than 16 days to obtain Mim X with a reduction of minimum 28 %.

You can right now order by clicking below.

Click here to pre-order Mim X now

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