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Hello every body, today new article on Mitte, a new connected object.

The water is an essential element in our survival. We drink water every day that is why the Mitte project was born in Berlin. But what needs Mitte does he answer?

Look at computer graphics below to understand better.

Infographic Bottled Water Facts

Infographic Plasitc waste breated by Germany from bottled water sales

That is what Mitte can eliminate or at least contribute to the reduction of waste bound to the water consumption bottle.

Mitte is thus going to allow you to create your own mineral water. With all the benefactions that she can give you. Mitte makes a series of actions of purification of the water based on the technique of distillation. (the most successful technique of processing of bacteria and other viruses), to eliminate any bad bacterium or virus presents in the water. Mitte proposes various actions on the water, the various types of mineralization of the water. All this by being connected with your smartphone to be able to follow various information. As your daily consumption of water, the autonomy of the bombone of mineralization, diverse graph of the use. But still the options of customization of your experience, temperature of the water and the options to preset for your favorite drinks (teas, coffee) and much more.

You know what? I have a small secret for you.

Infographic price per liter of water from Mitte

And not you did not dream. The liter of mineral water returns to 0.10€ thanks to Mitte. You will help the planet while drinking some healthy water. The all good one for your health. All this by making economies. Perfect!

Here are the various possible mineralizations with Mitte:

And take advantage of his design which inhales to her “Deutsche Qualität” ( German quality ) every days.


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